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Shadow Teacher
with comprehensive support and full supervision

Shadow teacher provides additional support for a student with SEN in a mainstream classroom, with an aim to include him fully in an inclusive classroom so that the student can participate in classroom learning with his fellow classmates. In the long run, our shadow teacher service aims to facilitate independence for the students in need, so that one day they can cope with mainstream school with minimal support.


  • Quality shadow teachers

    • Trained in shadow teaching with a wide range of skills such as Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA), behavioural management and TEACCH.

    • Fluent in English, Putonghua, and Cantonese.

    • Weekly (or daily) email report to teachers and parents.

  • Backed by professionals

    • Directly supervised by Educational Psychologists (EP).

    • Supported by a multidisciplinary advisory team of EP, Clinical Psychologists (CP), Counselling Psychologists (CoP), Occupational Therapists (OT), Speech Therapists (ST), Teachers, etc.

    • Psychologists or therapists to attend school meetings for service planning and evaluation.

    • Phone consultation by appointment for parents and teachers.

  • Tailored to your schedule

    • Monthly plan with flexible working days and hours

  • Worry-free

    • All passed the Sexual Conviction Record Check of Hong Kong Police Force

    • Covered by insurance to practice

  • Additional direct support by professionals available (optional)

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