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Schoool services

We believe that empowering teachers and the school systems as well is more effective than treating the student alone. This is why we reach out for school to provide the following services:

School-based educational psychology service (SBEPS), which aims:

  • To provide psycho-educational assessment and intervention for students with learning, emotional and behavioral difficulties;

  • To provide consultation and support to school personnel and parents on intervention strategies and appropriate educational provision to cater for students' diverse educational needs;

  • To support and develop the school to cater for learning diversity;

  • To support the school in managing crises and critical incidents;

  • To conduct training and sharing activities;

  • To assist subject panels in the planning, benchmarking, coordination, monitoring and development of supporting services for SEN students; and

  • To perform other relevant duties as required by the schools.

Seminars and workshops (contact us for annual subscription), such as

  • “Behavioural management for students with ASD in the classroom;”

  • “Supporting executive functioning difficulties of students with ADHD in the classroom;”

  • “Learning characteristic of and teaching strategies for students with ASD;”

  • “Support students with communication difficulties in the classroom,” etc.

Tailor-made group training, such as

  • “Tutorial/remedial class for SEN”

  • Group training on social communication for students with ASD;

  • Group training on emotional management;

  • Group training on improving executive functioning of students with ADHD;

  • Group training on reading and writing skills of students with Dyslexia (SpLD); etc.

Individualized training, counselling, and therapy, such as

  • School-based speech therapy service;

  • Individualized training by Educational Psychologist

  • Counselling services by Counselling Psychologist

  • Mental health, Play Therapy, Emotional Counselling, Trauma Counselling

  • Tutorial and Training Programme for students with Special Educational Needs*

* The “Tutorials and Training” programme is an innovative programme for students with special educational needs (dyslexia, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism, etc) and any students that encountered learning difficulties. Our programme also includes school-based tutorials and homework guidance services; our SEN tutors**, supervised by educational therapists, would provide different types of on-site support (e.g. group tutorials or homework guidance) depends on needs.

** Our centre's multidisciplinary team is responsible for the training of our SEN tutors. Our SEN tutor certificate training programme had been adopted by organizations such as Teach For Hong Kong.

Consulting service, such as

  • consultation on IEPs; Educational Psychologist’s

  • Educational Psychologist or Speech Therapist collaborative teaching with teachers in class;

  • Action research or lesson study; etc

Schools we serve

If your school is interested, please feel free to mail us quotation/tender invitation by post.

The postal address is as follow:

Causeway Bay Office, Edge Development Centre,

Unit B, 12/F, Hang Seng Causeway Bay Building,

28 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay

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