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Our team

A growing network of clinical professionals

Edge Development Centre started off with merely two founding directors. Front-line professionals with diverse specialties, who share the vision with the Centre, gather to form an extensive network. It is now a multi-disciplinary workforce capable of actualizing innovations and delivering high quality clinical services. 


Founding Directors

Mr. Choi Poi Ki Pokky [Educational Psychologist]

  • Master of Social Sciences in Educational Psychology (HKU)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (EdUHK)

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology (CUHK)


Mr. Choi is an Educational Psychologist with 9 years of front-line experience in a leading non-governmental organization serving children with Special education needs (SEN) . As an expert in Educational Psychology, he also has the following affiliations:

  • Committee member of the Division of Educational Psychology, Hong Kong Psychological Society. 

  • Director of the Hong Kong Association of Educational Psychologists, which is responsible for Accredited Registry for Educational Psychologists in Hong Kong

  • Committee member (capacity: Expert in Ed. Psy.) of Committee on Special Need Candidates, HKEAA

  • Panel member of WAIS-IV(HK) Panel, which oversees the use of IQ tests for adults in Hong Kong

  • Lecturer of EdUHK (part-time) teaching the subject of SEN


Mr. Cheung Ho Yuen Ikey [Speech Therapist]

  • Master of Social Sciences in the field of Psychology (HKU)

  • Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences (HKU)


Mr. Cheung is a Speech Therapist with 9 years of front-line experience in a non-governmental organization serving children with Special education needs (SEN). He has the following affiliations:

  • Clinical Educator for future speech therapists in HKU and EdUHK

  • Advisor of the JC A-Connect project

  • Lecturer of EdUHK (part-time) in Professional Development Programs for teachers

Professional Partners


Our professional partners come from a variety of service settings. We verify the qualification of EVERY team member and guarantee that they have the required qualifications (if any). 


Educational Psychologists (EP)

  • Full Members of the Division of Educational Psychology,  

      Hong Kong Psychological Society

  • Full Members of the Division of Counselling Psychology,  

      Hong Kong Psychological Society


Speech Therapists (ST)

  • Accredited Registers for Healthcare Professionals, Department of Health



  • Permitted Teachers, Education Bureau


Registered Social Workers (RSW)

  • Registered at the Social Workers Registration Board



  • University graduates with relevant education background