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Professional Counseling Services

Our Mission

1) To raise public’s awareness on mental health

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Many tend to focus on physical health alone. The negligence in mental well-being may delay appropriate support / treatment. The consequence could be devastating, negatively impact on one’s daily functioning and interpersonal relationships. We hope to increase public’s understanding on mental health, ultimately spreading the idea that mental health matters, so that people will be more aware of mental well-being of themselves and people around them.

2) Normalize and publicize counselling services

Stigmatization is not uncommon for people seeking counselling services. They might be labeled to have ‘some issues’. Sometimes, we might just need someone’s empathetic ear to listen to us and broad shoulders to lean on when we feel vulnerable, or a little low. Our counseling psychologists adopt preventive and strength-based approach, in which we believe that: Through counseling, you can go on a self-exploration journey in a safe space, with our support and guidance, we hope that our service users could feel empowered and be equipped with tools to tackle difficulties and problems that they encounter in life.

Service features

  • Free Initial Phone Consultation

  • Managed mainly by a professionally trained Counseling Psychologist

  • Multi-disciplinary team to provide all-rounded support tailored to client’s unique needs and to make referrals to governmental/non-governmental organizations whenever necessary


Service scope

   1. Mental Health

  • Emotional regulation

  • Stress-Coping

  • Positive thinking


   2. Personal well-being

  • Career Planning

  • Transition Adaptions

  • Personal Growth

  • Work / Study Stress Management


   3. Family and Interpersonal Relationships

  • Friendships

  • Relationships with Co-workers

  • Romantic relationships

  • Marriage

  • Parental Stress

  • Relationships with in-laws

  • Relationships with family members



  • Individual counselling: $750/session (50 minutes)

  • Group/family counselling: depends on service details

  • *Fee adjustment will be considered based on one’s financial ability/situation

General Procedures of Service In-take

  1. Complete an online application form

  2. Free Initial Phone Consultation

  3. Face-to-face Consultation / Assessment (if nexessary)

  4. Allocation of suitable services / professionals