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collaboration with organizations

Collaboration and consultation in product / service development 

NGO and the Private sector are important partners of the society to advocate for the right and well-being of people with SEN. There are an array of organizations attempting to raise awareness for supporting SEN and developing innovative products with good will. To do things right, professional input in both product development and research for efficacy distinguishes evidence-based efficacious products from mediocre ones with questionable use. 


With our rich experience in scientific research in territory-wide projects,    product development, and service development, we provide:

Consultation for product / service development; and 

Research design, implementation, and efficacy certification service. 


Outreach service for organizations

We collaborate with organizations by providing outreach educational psychology (EP) and speech therapy (ST) service. We believe that by enriching organization, NGO and private centres alike, with quality EP and ST service, we are acting on systems, and by extension the larger society.


We provide:

  • Assessment service

  • Centre treatment and training

  • Consultation for service development, staff training, etc.