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My daughter is like always on the run. Never stops. I think she has ADHD. Where can I seek help and whom do I go to?

My son is always forgetful and never corrects his mistakes even I told him off time after time. What’s wrong with him?

How do I help him?

My son is so obsessed with Thomas the cartoon and likes arrange his cars at home.

Is he Autistic?

My girl is six and always sees things we do not see. She’s always unhappy. Is she depressed or psychotic?

Many a time when parents experience difficulties with their children or have questions to ask...

  • they do not know what to do

  • they do not know where and whom to go to

  • they do not know how to ask for reliable help


Plus, there are way too many pseudo-professionals and rumours that provide incorrect information and unethical services.

Parents have no easy way to tell the right ones from wrong...


we are going to change that

1)    Q & A blog for community education (under construction)
We are working on a blog to show the public the questions asked (upon parents’ consent and with no identifiers) and the professionals’ responses so that other parents who has similar problems can refer to what was recommended for a quick information.


If you have any question in mind, please contact us by filling in the following form. You may also reach out to us through email at info@edgedc.org or through Facebook messenger at “Edge Development Centre”.

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