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'Practices that work'

Founded in summer 2018, Edge Development Centre aspires to be the first-of-its-kind service-providing think-tank that comprises of front-line clinical professionals. It is an innovation for innovations where front-line clinicians could rally around, proposing systematic solutions to social problems / service gaps. We empower front-line clinicians to be the difference they want to see and we encourage bottom-up evidence-based practice (EBP). Through multi-disciplinary collaboration and strong adhesion to the scientific methods, we actualize 'Practices that work' in both macro (society-level) and micro (client-level) perspectives.

Edge Development Centre was awarded the EASE (Education and Social Entrepreneur) Fund, by the Education University of Hong Kong in early 2019 for its very first innovative project.

(Project name: GoodSupport) For details.

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Our objectives


To be a powerhouse for theory-driven and innovative practices.

To bridge service gap in the society.

To promote evidence-based practice (EBP) in the society.

To make professional knowledge and support easily accessible to parents and teachers.

To empower systems (e.g. families, schools, centres, communities) through outreaching services.

Our approaches



Practices that work

 As an adopter of the scientist-practitioner model, we believe that we should practice science and use science in our practice. Every method we use are evidence-based, or theory-driven, on which we will seek to collect data in our practice to seek evidence. Every partners of ours is literate in the science behind the methods they use and welcome query and challenges from anyone. Don’t believe us. Challenge us. 


Decentralization and system-oriented

Typical training and rehabilitation services run in centre-settings. According to recent research, this is not as effective as running in home-setting or school-setting, where the service provider could also work on people (e.g. parents, teachers) and systems (e.g. parenting) that spend far more time with the child and affect the child the most. This is why, our name as a “centre” notwithstanding, we believe in having our partners going out to homes and schools to serve children.


Bottom-up innovation

All our professional partners are scientist-practitioners with a wide range of expertise and loads of creativity waiting to be realized in real-world service. With the centre’s support, we encourage ALL our professional partners to chip in and contribute new practicable and theory-driven idea so that the centre could put it in practice and research, and experienced staff could provide supervision meanwhile. We believe the centre should be a place where professionals practice what works and what they are good at.


Making consultation easy and professional knowledge widespread

Every step in a child’s development can be crucial. Parents and teachers should know how to provide right and make decisions wisely. When they have questions, they should be able to ask right away. When they want to know something, they should be able to know with ease and confidence. We help by making professional opinions easily accessible and professional knowledge widely spread in the society. We aspire to provide free preliminary consultation to make professional opinions available, free information for the public to refer to, and affordable learning opportunity for parents and teachers to equip themselves with professional knowledge.


Finding gaps and bridging gaps

Service now available in the society are heavily skewed towards certain kinds, serving certain types of special education needs (SEN) only, mainly because these services are well-established and resources are easy to come by. We do not settle for that. We find gaps and aim at bridging them. We look into what others do not do and develop new methods to serve people less served.

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