About Edge Development Centre

'Practices that work'

Founded in 2018 and endorsed by HKGCSE, Edge Development Centre (Edge) is a social enterprise that aspires to be a service-providing think-tank comprising of front-line clinical professionals. It is an innovation for innovations where front-line clinicians could rally around, proposing systematic solutions to social problems/ service gaps.   We empower front-line clinicians to be the difference they want to see, and we encourage bottom-up evidence-based practice (EBP). Through multi-disciplinary collaboration and strong adhesion to the scientific methods, we actualize 'Practices that work'  in both macro   (society-level)   and micro (client-level) perspectives.

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Edge started off with merely two founding directors.   Front-line professionals with diverse specialties, who share the vision with the Centre, gather to form an extensive network. It is now a multi-disciplinary workforce capable of actualizing innovations and delivering high quality clinical services. It is also one of the organizations that houses the largest number of serving EducationalPsychologists in Hong Kong.

Achievement and Awards

In   2019,   Edge was awarded the   EASE   (Education and   Social Entrepreneur) Fund, by The Education University of Hong Kong in early 2019 for its very first innovative project.  Details

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In 2020, Edge (teaming up with EdUHK) was a winning team of the Mind Matters – A Hackathon for Social Impact Campaign by Asian Charity Service,   co-designed with HSBC Private Banking to further mental well-being services in Hong Kong.  Details

In   2020,   in collaboration with   EdUHK,   Edge was also funded by Advance Children Medical and Education Foundation to launch Hong Kong’s first territory-wide SEN after-school academic support project in primary schools to provide homework support for students with   SEN under close supervision of Educational Psychologists. Details

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